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At-Home Fitness Ideas for this Winter

At-Home Fitness Ideas for this Winter

People tend to pack on a few pounds during the winter months and while holidays are often to blame, many people are less active in the cold months of the year. (C’mon, who doesn’t prefer curling up on the couch with a warm blanket and a good movie to jogging on icy pavement in below freezing temps?!)

For those who need extra motivation to keep moving when the weather out there is frightful—we have the perfect list of free, at-home fitness videos that require minimal materials at most. So set up your computer somewhere you can see it or hook up a laptop to a TV and keep your fitness routine going!


This site is a great resource for quick videos on a variety of different workouts, such as yoga, vinyasa flow yoga, kettlebell, toning exercises, cardio workouts and more. Many of their videos only require a mat, some you’ll need 3 to 8 lb. dumbbells and others might call for a kettlebell or jump rope. They also have a whole series of 10-minute workouts—which is perfect for a quick early morning jumpstart to your day or an after work pick-me-up. Think about it: If you do three of these videos a day, you’ll be hitting 30 minutes of exercise with ease! Here are a few to look for:

Fitness Blender


This site was created by a husband and wife team who share a huge variety of awesome full-length workout videos. You can sign-up to become a member (also free), which allows you to save workout videos you love, or you can use it without signing in. They also have an easy-to-follow search function that narrows your results by difficulty, body focus (upper, core, etc.), workout time, training type, calories burned and equipment needed.

Sarah Fit


A fitness vlogger and healthy living blogger, Sarah posts new videos on her YouTube channel every Tuesday and Thursday. She records her videos everywhere—from her living room to outside on a run. She also makes it easy for you to find specific videos by grouping them into categories, like “30 Minutes or Less Workouts” or “Ab and Love Handle Workouts.”

While you’re on YouTube, look around for some other great channels you might love! Here’s a few to get you started on your search: BeFit, My Trainer Bob, The Daily HIIT and Yogasync.tv.

Remember: You know your body best, so modify the exercises if you need to, stop immediately if you feel any pain (besides a good burn!) and if you have some limitations or are pregnant, please talk to your doctor first.