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Apps to Get You Organized

Apps to Get You Organized

Face it:
We all have a million different things we juggle every single day. Whether you’re a single, twenty-something, a stay-at-home parent or a big-time business executive, life is busy and stressful. And as you know, stress can take a real toll on your health—in fact, it’s a cause of subluxations in the spine. (Subluxations prevent proper communication from the brain to the body—think of it like only receiving the first six digits of a phone number and attempting to figure out the seventh using the process of elimination.)

So what can you do to keep stress from affecting your body? (Besides getting adjusted of course!) One answer: Get organized. Here are eight awesome apps, available for free on both Android and iPhone to help you get started:

Useful Mobile Apps

EEBA (Easy Envelope Budget Aid)

If you have a budget (and you should!) this is the app for you. Instead of feeling guilty for making a recent purchase or coming up short on bills, this budget app allows you to set limits on different categories (groceries, entertainment, gas, etc.) and then tracks how you’re doing against your budget, so you’re always in the know.

Money is usually one of the biggest sources of stress in life and creating a budget is one of the best things you can do to help decrease money-related stress. It might seem like a lot of work at first, but after you make it a habit and start saving, taking vacations and feeling free to make bigger purchases—you’ll realize it’s worth it.

Grocery IQ

This app is simple to use and intuitive. Add items to your shopping list with ease; the search function brings up items quickly after one stroke on the keyboard. Your entire list is organized by sections like “Diary, Eggs & Cheese” or “Fruits & Vegetables.” Sync your list to another family member’s Grocery IQ app or email your list if you need to send your spouse or partner to the store on their way home from work.

The best part might be the ability to clip coupons or find savings card deals in your area based on the item you need. Then the coupon sits right in your list, in the correct section (so you never forget to print or use it)! On top of that, you can either print the coupon directly from your phone via a Wi-Fi connected printer or email the coupon to yourself to print from your desktop computer.


This app is basically a really, really smart to-do list that’s fast and easy-to-use. Categorize your task into groups labeled “Private, Work, Movies to Watch, Shopping, etc.,” and even create your own categories. Once you’ve created a task: set a due date, set a reminder, add subtasks (great for project management), create notes, add a file and add people to the task.

Are you and your spouse remodeling your bathroom? List specific tasks, create subtasks (like shopping lists), save links to items you’ve found and then sync it all to any device, including your desktop.


This app lets you “take your recipes anywhere,” and it really does. Not only can you search a massive database with more than 250,000 recipes, you can also select menus based on the holiday, type of cuisine or diet restrictions. Share any recipes with friends who also have accounts, create a meal plan for the week (or the month if you’re really getting organized!) and add recipes you’ve found online simply by pasting the URL or by taking a picture of the recipe you have in your hand.

The best part might be the “Use Up Leftovers” button. This section of the app allows you to enter up to three ingredients you have on-hand in your kitchen and gives you meal ideas based on the items you entered. No more staring into the pantry abyss!


This is like having a full-scale scanner in your pocket. Take a picture of a document with your phone with this app, then crop, enhance and save as a PDF. Then print the document via a Wi-Fi connected printer, email it, fax it or upload to cloud storage. Annotate your document and even create a watermark. Plus, enable “optical character recognition” (OCR) to scan your documents and make the text searchable.

Chore Hero

This app is super easy-to-use and will make the daunting task of keeping up with housekeeping almost seem like a really fun game. Add in different family members to the app, as well as your list of different chores—these can be one-time big chores like “Organize Garage” or daily tasks like “Sweep Kitchen.” Then, either assign each task directly to a person, have the app pick for you or select “randomize.” With a simple tap of a button you’ll see what chores need to be done today, tomorrow or in the future.

The fun twist to the app is that each person earns points for the chores they do (easy way to keep track of allowance!) and can progress from a “Chore Newbie” to a “Chore Hero.”

Cozi Family Organizer

Any parent out there will tell you—managing your own life plus everyone else’s is seriously hard work. This app helps you not only keep it organized, but have a place where the family can access everything. Create a login that the entire family can access and add other household members simply by entering their information. If you add your spouse or partner, have him or her download the app, too, so they can access the info on their phone.

First, sign up for reminders for things like trash pick-up day, home maintenance checklist items or even ideas for “Random Acts of Kindness.” Then start adding in your family’s schedule! Add in doctor’s appointments, birthday parties, team sports or anything else you need to remember. All your scheduled tasks come with a reminder, so you’ll get an alert on your phone to help keep you on track. Plus, there’s even a fun little “journal,” where you can jot down a quick moment you want to cherish and remember.


This takes coupon clipping to a whole new level. On this app you scan in coupons—from retailers, grocery stores, restaurants, you name it—to save and share them with friends or with the public. Plus, search thousands of coupons within the app, virtually “clip” them and redeem using your smartphone.

One of the great things about this app is it will remind you of a coupon you’ve clipped as you walk into a store. That’s right, if you have your location services turned on, your phone will deliver a friendly reminder that you have a coupon for the very store you are in!