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Part Two of Rules to Eat By: The Replacement Rule

Part Two of Rules to Eat By: The Replacement Rule

If you struggle or have struggled with making and sticking to healthy lifestyle changes, you certainly are not alone. In the first part of this three-part series, Dr. Jessica Basala, D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic Training Supervisor for Chiro One, explained how to make a shift in how you eat with a low pressure and flexible plan. The first rule, The Addition Rule, allows you to add something to your diet without taking something away.

Dr. Jessica says how long you follow the Addition Rule before graduating to the Replacement Rule is completely up to you; it could be one month or six. Don’t push yourself too hard or discourage yourself if you don’t think you “arrived” quickly enough to the next step. Be proud of your commitment to this change, a change that will have an immense impact on your life.

The Replacement Rule

You’re ready to make the switch to replacement—don’t be intimidated! Dr. Jessica’s Rules to Eat By consist of many small changes that take place over a long time, allowing you to adjust physically and mentally and create a pattern that will last.

Starting the Replacement Rule is simple. “When it’s time to switch over to replacement, choose something you do every day that you want to replace,” she explains. “Let’s say the first thing you want to replace is ice cream after dinner—then replace it with a bowl of blueberries or another fruit you love.”

You can replace anything you like—perhaps you want to switch from a soda in the afternoon to a glass of water or green tea in the morning instead of coffee. Another switch could be from a donut or bagel in the morning to an egg. Want some more ideas for swapping out your cravings? Here’s a great Be Well cheat sheet for sensible substitutes.

Noticeable Changes

Just like with the Addition Rule, these small changes (which are now gradually turning into bigger changes!) will begin to really have an effect on how you feel. “In fact, you may not realize how bad you were actually feeling,” says Dr. Jessica. She explains how this relates directly back her experience as a chiropractor; she’s had many patients who had no idea they were feeling so off, until they found they could take their life to a whole other level with chiropractic care.

Keep up the great work! Next Wednesday will be our final installment of Dr. Jessica’s Rules to Eat By: The 80/20 Rule.