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Part One of Rules to Eat By: The Addition Rule

Part One of Rules to Eat By: The Addition Rule

How often have you uttered the words, “I’m going to eat healthier” or “I need to start a diet”? If you’re like most Americans, it’s probably too often. What if the answer to your dieting woes is simpler than you think? In this three-part series, Dr. Jessica Basala, D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic Training Supervisor for Chiro One, reveals new ways to make a healthy lifestyle change and offers easy-to-follow ideas that allow you to make a big change with small steps over a long period of time.

According to Dr. Jessica, making a sudden shift in how you eat is not the best or easiest way to start a healthy lifestyle change—and most of people probably agree based on their personal experience. How many times have you started a new plan, only to find yourself slipping back into old, but comfortable habits not too far down the road? Dr. Jessica assures that this is completely normal and offers a much more relaxed approach to take with the first of her Rules to Eat By: The Addition Rule.

The Addition Rule

“If you want to start eating healthy, a great place to start is with addition,” advises Dr. Jessica. “With addition, you don’t have to take anything out of your diet—all you have to do is add something healthy.” She recommends adding a piece of fruit to your breakfast or starting with a salad before you have your pizza at dinner. Start your meal with your new healthy addition and then eat as you normally would. You can decide what meal you’d like to add something to; the details are entirely up to you!

By adding in something without taking anything away, you’ve made it easier on yourself to head in the right direction. This allows you to feel proud of yourself and that good feeling will keep propelling you forward. When you feel ready, add something else healthy to another meal or a snack. For instance, if you typically reach for some chips when afternoon hunger strikes, have a handful of almonds first.

Noticeable Changes

Dr. Jessica says simply adding in a few fruits and vegetables will create a sufficiency in your diet and leave you feeling better—and she points out that you’ll feel it when you miss a healthy addition at a meal. “You’ll have the accidental day when you’ll skip the healthy thing and you’ll notice a difference in how you feel that very day,” explains Dr. Jessica. Over time you’ll even find yourself naturally craving a nutritious bite as your body adjusts and reacts positively to your increased nutrition.

Next Wednesday, Be Well will share the next step of Dr. Jessica’s Rules to Live By: The Replacement Rule.