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Take It From Michael Strahan, Chiropractic Works!

Take it from Michael Strahan, Chiropractic Works!
Sure, we know chiropractic is good for your mind, body and spirit. But, there is nothing better than hearing success stories and endorsements. Especially, when they come from someone who played football for almost 30 years, including 14 years as defensive end in the NFL.

Athletes Love Chiropractic

We were thrilled to see that on ABC’s “LIVE with Kelly and Michael” on May 30, 2013, former NY Giant and co-host Michal Strahan personally endorsed chiropractic on his show:

“Take it from a man who’s been beat across the head for about twenty years…You should go to the chiropractor. If you get a good one, I think you will enjoy it. You get your neck adjusted right, your body adjusted right. It’s, like, blood flow to the brain, helps you think better, everything.”

Athletes Love Chiropractic

Strahan is not the only professional athlete who has and continues to receive chiropractic care. Not even close. From Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice to Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, professional athletes have been relying on chiropractors to help them prevent and recover from injury for years.

The fact that Michael Strahan took the leap and spoke so highly about his experience with chiropractic care on the national stage is a testament to the fact this highly effective treatment is moving into the mainstream.