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Find “Balance” in Your Life…Yeah Right!

Find “Balance” in Your Life…Yeah Right!
At a recent wellness workshop, a woman in her early 40’s asked, “Can I ever expect to have balance in my life?” And I answered, “No,” which was not the answer she was looking for!

My answer was no because I strongly believe we will never attain perfect balance in our lives, as long as we’re living here on this earth. When we rely on our own consciousness and limited abilities, it is virtually impossible to achieve the ideal balance because the negative forces against us are too great. However, we can equip ourselves to adapt to the pressures, stresses and forces placed against us beyond our control.  It’s called homeostasis.


Homeostasis, defined

According to Biology-Online’s dictionary, homeostasis is the ability of the body or a cell to seek and maintain a condition of equilibrium or stability within its internal environment when dealing with external changes. How well do you do that?

Don’t be a victim

The fact is the ability to adapt to the stress in our lives depends how well we regroup mentally, emotionally and spiritually on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. Without this ability in place, we become victims of today’s stressful, self-centered, performance-driven, energy-draining and life-depleting environment. Unhappiness, strained relationships, unfulfilled dreams and lack of aspiration may all be the result of not developing skills and habits that allow us to adapt and develop mental, emotional and spiritual homeostasis. The good news is that skills and habits are within our control.

How chiropractic helps

Our physical homeostasis depends on a properly functioning nervous system. Subluxation in your spine decreases communication in your nervous system and prevents your body from achieving homeostasis. (In other words, it inhibits the internal balance of the “fight or flight” and “rest and digest” systems in our bodies).

When chiropractors check your spine for subluxations and remove them with an adjustment, your nervous system has the opportunity to regain or maintain a healthy and balanced internal environment. That means less chronic pain, a quicker healing response, better digestion, improved sleep, more energy, increased alertness, better balance, less sick days, increased resistance to germs and viruses; you get the picture!

Evaluate to improve

We help encourage homeostasis by adjusting your spine regularly, but what else are you doing daily or weekly to achieve…

Mental homeostasis: Are you feeling mentally challenged? If not, what do you want to learn more about? Buy a book or take a class. And if you’re over challenged, how can you lighten your mental workload?

Emotional homeostasis: Are you happy? How high is your stress level? What can you do to bring more emotional fulfillment and joy into your life?

Spiritual homeostasis: What activities feed your soul? Are you making time for them? If you’re not, start now!

Special thanks to Dr. Brent Maxwell, D.C., former Chiropractic Director of Chiro One Wellness Center of St. Charles for contributing this post.