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The Best Virtual Weight Loss Tools

The Best Virtual Weight Loss Tools
If you have a weight loss goal in mind or are just focused on maintenance of your current weight, all you might need is your computer or smart phone. Social media and smartphone apps are major players in the health and wellness space and health-minded folks can surely benefit. Here are some great tools for getting and staying healthy in a fun, modern way.


Named as “Best Health Website” by Business Week magazine, SparkPeople boasts 6 million users on its 100 percent free site. Once you log in, you unlock personalized and sharing tools to help you lose weight, make healthier lifestyle choices and connect with others who are doing the same.

Eat This, Not That

Lose It!

Lose It! is the most downloaded health and fitness app on iTunes since 2011. It combines personalized goal setting, peer support and help with achieving goals related to weight loss, exercise, nutrient intake, blood pressure, sleep and more. The free version allows you to enter your goal weight and date, and then provides you with a “personal daily budget” for your caloric intake. You add when and how you’ve exercised and email addresses of friends also using the app. For more peer support, join groups on the website.

Eat This, Not That

If you dine out frequently, check out the “Eat This, Not That” app. Use it when you need to make a restaurant meal decision about which option is healthiest. Participate in challenges where you compete for fastest answer times or use it more casually.  Either way, the app provides tons of tricks and informative details about what makes meals healthy verses calorie-laden. It includes choices at popular restaurants like California Pizza Kitchen, Chili’s, Wendy’s, Quiznos and more. 

Twitter Feeds

If getting quick tips through Twitter is more your speed, start by following some of the best health magazines for reliable diet, workout and wellness tips. @besthealthmag, @menshealth and Every Day Health’s @weightloss provide a wealth of information and themes like @Shape_Magazine’s “Monday Motivation.” There are hundreds of reputable health professionals and chefs who also provide awesome insights and healthy meal ideas like @drweil, @gluttenfreegirl, @jamieoliver and of course, @chiroone! Do a quick search for “top twitter nutritionists” to get a full list.

In addition to the virtual helpers you choose, keep in mind that moving more and being mindful of your food choices are the best ways to reach your weight-related goals.