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Get Healthy With a Little Help from Your Friends

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For years, research has shown that people with meaningful relationships live healthier lives. Friendships contribute to longevity, brain health and even a decreased risk of obesity. When you consider up to 80 percent of health issues can be traced back to mental health, it’s clear having a strong circle of friends is a key to optimal health.

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Your Health Boosters

Our doctors see the healthful impact friendships have firsthand. Dr. Nick Leverette, D.C., former Chiropractic Director of Chiro One Wellness Center in Hamburg, Ken., regularly witnesses the positive benefits friendships have on his patients. He considers strong friendships “health boosters.”

“In these stressful times when most of us are spending our days in stress spirals pretending, masking, imploding, as well as employing many other destructive emotional devices, a candid friendship where friends can mutually unload and process in healthy life-giving ways can be the difference between impending emotional doom and emotional balance,” he advises.

Benefits of Chiro One’s Open Concept

Dr. Nick says Chiro One’s open adjusting environment can make people uneasy at first, but he has yet to have one patient in five years of clinical practice who did not come to prefer the open concept.

“Countless friendships have grown from this method of patient care,” Dr. Nick says. “My team and I hear, almost on a daily basis, patients making plans to go out for coffee together or inviting each other to shopping events.”

And it’s more than the occasional coffee date with which patients leave our offices. “I can’t tell you how many times a patient has walked into the office, hoping for just physical improvement,” says Dr. Nick. “That same patient emerges after a few weeks of care with not only increased physical health, but also budding friendships and an ignited social calendar.” By operating with an open concept, Chiro One fosters health promoting friendships like the ones Dr. Nick sees daily in his practice.

So make new friends, nurture your relationships and keep them a priority. They’re good for your health!