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Chiropractic patient gets relief for chronic upper back and neck pain

Chiropractic patient gets relief for chronic upper back and neck pain

Read about how Chiropractic has helped Jeff Libersher overcome back and neck pain. “The Results Made the Difference – the Tingling Stopped, the Pain Stopped. I Feel Like a Human Being Again!”

Hi, my name is Jeff. I started seeing the chiropractor here (Chiro One Wellness Center) because I had chronic pain in my upper back and neck. At its worst, I was literally in agony every day and miserable.
My disposition was horrible because of the constant tingling and pain. I play guitar and I had trouble even doing that just because I was in so much pain. It affected the manner in which I played. In fact, I sounded less technical – it was all just a mess.
Because I was in that much physical pain, it was hard to have a positive approach on life.

I’m in agony and I’m supposed to pretend that I feel good? No, I just couldn’t do it. I can handle a lot of physical pain too, and this just sucked. I’d broken my ankle before and could just walk off that pain. This was different. It was debilitating – it never went away. It was just awful.
I used to get massages and I always felt great after them, but this was obviously treating more of a symptom than a problem. Things were not as bad at that time. Slowly things crept back up. I also was seeing a different chiropractor for 5 months prior to coming here, and it helped a bit, but nothing sustained. I saw a few chiropractors after that and I was still miserable. That’s why I was so frustrated because I didn’t really know what else to do. At the other chiropractors, I was doing similar things, but I didn’t get any results to be honest with you.
At Chiro One Wellness Center, I felt better after the first treatment. With the first week or two of coming here, I started feeling better, in the sense that I didn’t have those days. I had maybe just a couple of those days, those horrible days, instead of maybe twenty days that are horrible and one good one. Right away, I was hooked. I had an explanation for what was going on. I like information – it was presented to me and made sense. And the results made the difference – the tingling stopped, the pain stopped. I feel like a human being again! I’m glad I’m here. 

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