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7 Habits of Healthy Women

7 Habits of Healthy Women

Often times, women aren’t on their own list of priorities. After taking care of everyone else, they tend to put themselves last on the list, and often have very little left to give. May is National Women’s Health Month and it’s the perfect time to put yourself at the top of your “to-do” list by taking charge of your health! Take charge now with the following 7 healthy habits:

  1. Reduce your caloric intake. Experts recommend cutting your daily food intake by 20%. One trick for slashing portions: Instead of putting big platters of food at the center of the table, fill each plate at the counter.
  2. Pile on the plants. Not only are plant-based diets rich in antioxidants and other good-for-you nutrients, they’re also better for your waistline. You can chow down for a fraction of the calories. Another great tip: think of meat as a condiment rather than the main event, and sub in more beans, nuts, and legumes.
  3. Learn to love the foods that love you back! A diet of berries and broccoli or spinach and soy might seem utterly foreign-but taste buds can be retrained. Women (ok, men too) love fat, salt, and sugar because that’s what we’re used to. But studies show that if you eat more wholesome foods, you can learn to prefer them. An easy way to start: Search for hidden sugars, which is found in many packaged foods. Once you get rid of the hidden sugars, you’ll start to prefer less-sweet foods.
  4. Sit down-and slow down. It might be too much to prepare a home cooked meal every night. But we can sit at a table to eat takeout with our familes instead of scarfing it on the go. Savor each bite and stretch your meals out for 20 whole minutes. You’ll end up eating less and enjoying family time more.
  5. Get up and Get Moving! The women who live the longest don’t think of exercise as a chore. Instead, they incorporate movement into their everyday lives. Take a 30 minute walk after dinner. Pull your own weeds instead of paying the kid next door; make extra trips carrying laundry up and down the stairs.
  6. Be Social. Strong social and family bonds are vital to staying healthy. Besides spending quality time at home with family, surround yourself with health conscious friends-research shows that good health habits are contagious. Be sure to get involved in your community, too, whether it’s at your children’s school, a gardening group, or a volunteer organization. These connections can add years to your life.
  7. Learn to De-Stress. Even the healthiest women get stressed out sometimes. What they all have, however, are daily strategies to combat stress. Learn to take it easy; meditate, try yoga or go for a jog, make a dinner date with friends-and don’t worry about your inability to be “super-woman.” It’s okay to let the dishes sit in the sink for a bit while you take care of you! Another great way to reduce stress is with chiropractic.

Chiropractic care allows the body to operate at its full potential, therefore substantially decreasing the amount of physical stress the body is exposed to. Doctors of chiropractic are experts in spinal adjustment and other manual therapies that can also relieve the aches and pains caused by stress. They can also provide nutrition counseling, exercise recommendations, ergonomic tips and other advice to promote healthy living. No matter what stress-relief methods you choose, make it a habit to use them—especially if you feel too stressed out to do it. As someone once said, the time to relax is when you don’t have time for it. And, remember, it’s OK to enjoy the occasional double latte. What matters is a cumulative lifestyle pattern of enjoying healthy foods, staying connected to others, and keeping yourself moving.

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